Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Christian and a Liberal - Preface

A Christian and a Liberal


A WHAT? You saw the title. 

That's right. A Christian AND a Liberal. Here I am. A lot of people have said it can't be done. But I am a Christian. I am a Liberal. I have my reasons.

I would like to share them with you. I won't bore you with a complete autobiography (the life story of a car?). Sorry for the pun. Well, not really. I just can't help it sometimes!

But what I want to do is share with you the ideas, perspectives and events that changed me from a borne, bred, baptized and (drat! I can't think of another b-word at the moment!) fundamentalist to a Liberal who retains faith in God. 

There will be vignettes, small pictures of events that gave me a different point of view. Usually they were very small, but sometimes they were earthshaking. 

There will be musings. There will even be discussions about theology (gasp!). I promise to warn you about these. 

The first few chapters will be autobiographical in nature. You need to know where I have been so you can see that there have been real changes in my life over the years. What you see now is not what I have always been. 

I am dedicating this book to the daughters in my family -- yes, Katie, Kara, and Crystal. Katie, you were growing up as I was making the transition. I know it has confused you. Kara and Crystal, you married my sons. I think you deserve to understand who your father-in-law is. 

And I would especially like to thank my Tracey, who stuck with me through the conversion, and who loved me through the changes. I know you have been bewildered, too, at times. I am grateful you have accompanied me on my strange journey of faith. 

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