Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Well, it is actually Christmas Day. But I have just come back from a Christmas Eve service from Raleigh Christ Church Episcopal.

Talk about an uplifting service! What a way to welcome in Christmas Day!

The sermon was very special. The speaker had brought an owl. He noted that owls can communicate with each other in the dark. And even in the darkness of this world, God wants to to communicate with us. God sent His son to do just that. The incarnation of Christ may have happened just once in the past, but our faith is not just in a past event, but a present reality. For we also know that Christ is in us! His spirit dwells in us!

The darkness is very real, but God is good at communicating in the dark. His word can pierce through the darkness to the most lonely heart, reminding them of His goodness and love.

And indeed, God is Good. It is Christmas Day. I will sleep a few hours and get up with the children, open presents, see the excitement, and be content with family around me. And I will think about the greatest gift ever given - the child that night who would become my Savior.

Happy Christmas!

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